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US And Canada Sales Up In 2006
Jan. 4, 2007

Volkswagen's USA sales were up a meager 4.9 percent in 2006 — hardly a recovery from last year's 12.5-percent decrease — while Canada was up a healthy 10.7 percent, building on last year's increase.

Volkswagen Of America sold 235,140 vehicles. The breakdown is as follows:
       43.8 percent Jetta (103,331),
       23.0 percent Passat (54,208),
       14.8 percent New Beetle (35,110),
       7.2 percent GTI (17,089),
       4.8 percent Rabbit (11,610),
       4.2 percent Touareg (10,163),
       1.3 percent Eos (3,394),
       and 0.9 percent Phaeton (235).

How did VW compare to its competition? Quite poor. Volkswagen had a tiny 1.4 percent of the American market in '06 — the only brands lower were fledgling ones such as Suzuki and Isuzu, and top-tier luxury makers such as Porsche, Jaguar and Land Rover that go for big profit margin over big market share.

The top volume came from GM, Ford, Toyota, Chrysler, Honda and Nissan, in this order, each with sales in the millions. These six accounted for a commanding 84.3 percent of the market.

Showing its dominance, Toyota's US sales increased 12.9 percent last year with the Big Three falling 8.5 percent (GM), 7.6 percent (Ford) and 6.7 percent (Chrysler).

Volkswagen Canada sold 35,123 vehicles. The breakdown is as follows:
       51.1 percent Jetta (17,980),
       11.8 percent Rabbit (4,144),
       10.6 percent Passat (3,716),
       6.8 percent Golf (2,380),
       4.5 percent New Beetle (1,604),
       4.5 percent City Golf (1,566),
       4.0 percent GTI (1,395),
       3.6 percent City Jetta (1,271),
       2.0 percent Touareg (684),
       1.1 percent Eos (376),
       and less than 0.1 percent Phaeton (7).

Confused as to what the heck are Canada's City Golf and City Jetta? Stay tuned to VolksWatch for information about this interesting marketing scheme, coming next month.

VolksWatch feels 2007 will be nicer to VW in North America, but the automaker will have to work for it.

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