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Found! Oldest VW Diesel
Aug. 23, 2007

Found! Oldest VW Diesel
VW public-relations manager Keith Price hands over the key to a Touareg V10 diesel, Clint Wilson's prize for owning the oldest VW diesel, a '77 Rabbit. Click on image for larger view.

A 1977 Rabbit is the oldest Volkswagen diesel in the USA.

The vehicle is owned by Clint Wilson of Tehachapi, California and its age was verified by Volkswagen Of America and a Bakersfield, California VW dealership.

"Diesel engines are noted for their long-term reliability and durability, so we didn't think it would be a problem to find a 1977 Rabbit that was still in great condition, like this one," said Steve Keyes, a spokesman for VW.

In January, the automaker announced a nationwide
"Search On For Oldest And Highest-Mileage Diesels" to help celebrate 30 years of VW diesels in the US. Both had to be registered, running cars with their original engines.

Through its website, VW opened the search for four months and received more than 200 entries.

In recognition, the winners get a six-month use of a 2007 Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI.

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