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Geneva Auto Show: Diesel Hybrid
March 10, 2008

Geneva Auto Show: Diesel Hybrid
The ultimate hybrid — a diesel-electric Golf. Click on images for larger views.

Eat your heart out, Toyota Prius!

How do 70 miles per gallon sound?

Volkswagen is presenting the ultimate hybrid at the Geneva auto show — combining diesel and electric motors for better fuel efficiency than a conventional hybrid's gas and electric motors.

The four-door Golf serves as the showcase for this technology. While it's called a concept at this stage, a production version may very well be in the works.

The Golf can run on its electric motor only, diesel motor only or a combination of the two.

They are hooked up to VW's slick-shifting seven-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission with manumatic capabilities.

An automatic start-stop function conserves fuel when the car is stationary.
Geneva Auto Show: Diesel Hybrid

Along with the new Scirocco, the Golf hybrid is the big news from Volkswagen at the Geneva auto show. An honorable mention goes to another fuel miser, the Passat EcoFuel, which has a natural-gas-powered turbocharged and supercharged TSI four-cylinder with 150 horsepower. The EcoFuel will be available in some markets by the end of the year.

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Geneva Auto Show: Diesel Hybrid

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