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Touareg To Be First VW Hybrid
Feb. 7, 2009

Touareg To Be First VW Hybrid
The Touareg pictured is a prototype for VW's first hybrid, however, it's the next
generation of the SUV that will get the technology. Click on images for larger views.

Volkswagen is jumping on the hybrid bandwagon — by offering its next-generation Touareg with a gas-electric powertrain.

The announcement came this week along with several other green initiatives under VW's BlueMotion Technologies banner, including the Passat BlueMotion (110-horsepower diesel, 48 MPG), Passat BlueTDI with special catalytic converter (143-horsepower diesel, 45 MPG), and Passat TSI EcoFuel (150-horsepower natural-gas).

The current Touareg is serving as a prototype, pictured on this page, for the new hybrid technology — featuring a new supercharged 3.0-liter V6 gas engine teamed up with an electric motor.

Touareg To Be First VW Hybrid
VW's hybrid includes a new
supercharged 3.0-liter V6.

Touareg To Be First VW Hybrid
The battery resides under the
floor of the luggage area.
The duo is good for 333 horsepower at 5,500 RPM and 325 pound-feet of torque starting at 3,000 RPM. In high-
demand situations (for example, when putting the pedal to the metal), horsepower and torque can boost briefly to 374 and 406, respectively. Fuel consumption of 26 MPG and higher is possible, 25-percent improved over a conventional SUV of this size — V8 power without V8 thirst.

Zero-to-60-MPH happens briskly, in around 6.8 seconds.

And with this kind of power on tap, the hybrid Touareg makes for a great towing vehicle (7,000 pounds capacity).

The Touareg can operate on electric drive alone for speeds up to 31 MPH.

Power is transmitted through a new specially designed eight-speed automatic transmission and 4XMotion full-time all-wheel drive. The latter is used in place of the Touareg's regular four-wheel-drive set-up to help offset the hybrid's additional weight of 386 pounds.

Other hybrid systems at work include engine start-stop for when the vehicle is stationary, and regenerative braking.

The next-generation Touareg — gas, diesel and hybrid models — could hit the market as soon as next year.


Touareg To Be First VW Hybrid
Volkswagen's BlueMotion vehicles

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