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Concept Previews VW's Small SUV
Feb. 19, 2006

Concept Previews VW's Small SUV

Volkswagen has an uncanny knack for pulling off concepts that mimic forthcoming production vehicles. Have a look at the photos below and we're sure you'll agree. VW's latest Concept A offers a preview of its Golf-based sport-utility vehicle.

Concept: AAC

Actual: Touareg

Concept: C

Actual: Eos

Concept: D

Actual: Phaeton

Concept: A

Actual: Beduin
The Concept A, a cross between a sports car and an SUV, made its debut in Berlin and will make its first public appearance at the Geneva auto show later this month.

The design represents a cheetah a muscular wind-swept appearance with cat-like eyes (headlights), fangs (aluminum grille) and a tapering rear.

Motivating the Concept A is VW's new twin-charger engine, supercharged for low-end grunt and turbocharged for top end. The small-displacement 1.4-liter generates 150 horsepower, which are set to motion by a six-speed and all-wheel drive, and gets nice mileage.

The large 20-inch wheels and tires speak to the Concept A's off-road prowess. Expect these to shrink for the actual production vehicle.

There is no B-column and its back doors swing open opposite to the front doors, making entry and exit to the back seats simple. This feature likely won't make it to production, a shame as it is so functionally beneficial.

Another item that won't make it to reality is the large soft-top sunroof that slides all the way to the rear for alfresco motoring. Also, the roof will be straighter with a more square end.

VW's small SUV is slated for a 2008 release. It has been referred to often as the Beduin, a name that is not confirmed but is fitting for the Touareg's baby brother (Touareg and Beduin are both desert tribes).

In its media release for the Concept A, Volkswagen alludes to another future vehicle based on the Golf platform an all-wheel-drive sports car. Bring it on, we say!

Concept Previews VW's Small SUV

Concept Previews VW's Small SUV

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