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Golf Gone, Rabbit Returns
April 12, 2006

Golf Gone, Rabbit Returns

The news is so surprising it sounds like an April Fool's joke but check the calendar, this is real.

Golf Gone, Rabbit Returns
Volkswagen is returning to the Rabbit nameplate for its small hatchback in the USA and Canada. After 22 years, the Golf is gone.

The car originally sold as the Rabbit, from 1974 to 1984. Then VW adopted the Golf name that is used throughout the rest of the world.

"The Rabbit was always exclusive to the US and Canadian markets; while the rest of the world had the Golf, we had the iconic Rabbit," commented Kerri Martin, VW's director of brand innovation. "The reintroduction of the Rabbit represents Volkswagen's commitment to this market and is a nod to the passionate North American enthusiasts who have an emotional connection with the Rabbit name."

She added, "Even the name Rabbit dramatizes the enhanced performance, playing off the car's clever design, efficient size, agility and nimbleness. The Rabbit is back."

The news comes just in time for Easter and spring with the Rabbit hopping into showrooms early this summer. The base price of $15,620 (with destination fee) includes a high level of standard features.

Golf Gone, Rabbit Returns

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